Villains runDisney:
Chapter 6 – CAPTAIN HOOK

Runners have channeled their inner evil by displaying a variety of villainess styles. On our rundisney courses we’ve seen the bad-girl finesse of Cruella De Vil, the purple envy of the Evil Queen, the puffy sleeves of torment worn by the Evil Stepsisters, the horn headpiece of Maleficent, and the playing cards of the Queen of Hearts. However, the reign of villains is never ending in Disney’s history. To close our “Villains runDisney” series let’s not forget the “the world’s most famous crook,” Captain Hook.

The antagonist of Peter Pan, Captain Hook sailed the seas seeking his revenge but was relentlessly hunted by the crocodile that acquired a taste for the Captain.
Though known for his failures, Hook has been seen successfully crossing the finish line of our races possibly fleeing for his life, chasing after Peter Pan, or trusting his dim-witted mate Mr. Smee.

Once you hear the ticking clock, DON’T STOP! Keep running!

Some Captain Hook runners have been spotted wearing a crimson coat with gold lining and a gold buckle, a large black hat with a lavender feather, black pants, long white socks, black boots, and the most important necessity to obtain the Captain's look... the hook! 

Check out a few menacing Captain Hook looks from races below: