Villains runDisney: Chapter 5- Queen Of Hearts

Villains runDisney:
Chapter 5 - Queen Of Hearts

If I lose my temper, you lose your head! Understand?"

We’ve seen many different villainesses run through our courses but none quite like the comical Queen of Hearts from “Alice in Wonderland.”  Our “Villains runDisney” series began with some truly wicked Disney villains, including Cruella De Vil, the Evil Queen, the Evil Stepsisters and Maleficent. In this chapter, we will learn that no one crosses the Queen of Hearts or it will be off with our heads!

The Queen of Hearts is the mad ruler of Wonderland who encounters a lost Alice in her rose garden where someone has been painting her roses red. If anyone at a runDisney race were to challenge the Queen of Hearts she would proclaim the popular phrase, “Off with their heads!”

At our races, the Queen of Hearts runs wearing a black and red skirt and top with a gold crown and hearts galore. Some Queen of Hearts runners even deck out in playing cards.

Remember, don't be late like the White Rabbit in putting together your Queen of Hearts costume!

Take a look below at some of our elaborate Queen of Hearts runners from our races:

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