Villains runDisney: Chapter 2 – Evil Queen

Villains runDisney:
Chapter 2 – Evil Queen

‘Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fastest of them all?’

In the first chapter of our “Villains runDisney” series we witnessed the DeVilish fashion of Cruella De Vil. Our second installment features a different kind of evil; one rooted in jealousy of the beautiful Princess Snow White.

The Evil Queen gets her claim to wicked fame from tricking Snow White into eating a “magical” apple that puts her into a deep slumber. Our runDisney races have showcased not only Snow White runners but also Evil Queens lurking in the start corrals.

We have seen many ways to dress like the Evil Queen at our races. Some Evil Queen runners have been spotted wearing a purple skirt with a black top, large white collar, black head piece and a gold crown. With this evil look you will be sure to be the fastest of them all!

Take a look at some of our runDisney Evil Queens below:

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