Tips for runDisney Races

You've trained and trained for your runDisney event, and now it's the day of your race! Here are a few tips for participating in runDisney events on how to get the most out of your experience on course.

First of all, everyone who participates in runDisney races has a different goal or purpose for doing so. For some runners they have a specific time they want to accomplish for their race, therefore their training has been set to help them reach this desired time. Others sign up to run through the Disney Theme Parks and enjoy the entertainment. These tips can be applied to whatever your goals are!

Get Social: After your race make sure to share your pictures of your accomplishment with your friends, family and runDisney! Look for our official hashtags and other important event information on our runDisney Facebook Event Pages. Using the official hashtags will help us see your runDisney photos and hear about your experiences. And, by commenting on our Facebook page with your own runDisney photos you have a chance to be featured as our "Fan of the Week!" You can also share your experiences with us on Twitter or Instagram by using an official race hashtag or #runDisney. You never know, it could be you in the spotlight next!

Photo Opportunities: There are going to be multiple photo opportunities throughout the course no matter which distance you are running. While character meet and greets are unique and special, there are many other park icons (Cinderella Castle, Spaceship Earth, etc.) that make for great photos. The mile markers, crossing the start line and posing with your medal are also great shots for your photos! Before sunrise try turning your flash off. The character meet and greets are lit so your photos will look better with your flash off. Make sure your race bib is clearly visible on the front of your shirt so you can be identified. This will provide you with the most photo options when it's time to review your official race photos.

Starting and Passing: Starting in your assigned start corral will help ensure you are running with those with a similar pace. If you would like to pass runners on the course simply say, "Excuse Me" or "Coming Through." On the other hand, if you hear these words simply step to the side to let those pass.

Running with Friends & Family: Running with friends and family is encouraging and fun. If you are running with a friend in a different corral, the faster of the two can move back to the slower corral. If you are in a bigger group, run or walk no more than two abreast so other runners can get by you.

Hydrate: Stay hydrated on course to guarantee a great race. If you are planning on grabbing water at the hydration station, move all the way over to the table. Grab water and move away from the table to drink it so others may get the water, too. There will be plenty of water or PowerAde during your race for everyone!

Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Feel free to shout words of encouragement to other runners. Sometimes a simple "great job" can mean the world to a runner making it through the last few magical miles!