Leslie Kay

Don't Sweat the Details: Tips for Training Your Runner's Mindset

Starting a new training program can be overwhelming whether you're a first-time runner or trying to achieve a new running milestone. Good news, you don't have to go it alone!

At Cigna, we want to help you achieve your runDisney goals. This is why we've gathered expert tips and guidance from Cigna medical director, Dr. Stuart Lustig, and Cigna health coaches who are ready to partner with you on your road to achieving your goals.

Developing a runner's mindset and being able to overcome mental barriers can have a big impact on your success. Whether you're training for the Disneyland® Half Marathon Weekend presented by Cigna or another running milestone, by following these tips you will be able to hone your mental focus and tap into the magic along your journey for a successful race experience. Let's get started!

  1. Set attainable, realistic goals. By breaking up a big goal, like completing a 5K or the Disneyland Half Marathon, into smaller, attainable goals, you create a training program that can support you all the way across the finish line. Staying motivated is the key.
  2. Celebrate the small victories along your journey. This creates positive memories and reinforces the mind-body connection, which helps you stay motivated over the long run. When running in the Disney Parks, celebrate with some of your favorite Disney characters on the course and at your favorite spots like the Paradise Pier, Sleeping Beauty Castle and Spaceship Earth.

  3. Build your support system. We oftentimes don't see how far we have come. Ask someone in your life to support you and be your cheerleader. If you cannot find someone to join you in person, try video calls or recording loved one's voices as part of your playlist to lift you up.
  4. Overcome barriers with a growth mindset. When we develop our ability to keep learning and improving, we can overcome barriers to our success. Anytime you feel self-doubt, critical, stuck or bored about your workout routine, change it up! Experiment with new modes of exercise. Consider cross-training, rock climbing or paddleboard yoga.

A great place to begin your health or fitness journey is by knowing your numbers. Cigna's "Go, Know, Take Control" challenge is simple: Go for your annual check-up with your doctor and know your four numbers: Body Mass Index (BMI), blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. By knowing your numbers, you take control of your health and are on the path to an overall healthier you.

We're here to support and cheer you on. Ask your training questions and learn more tips on how to train your mind and body during the runDisney Twitter chat co-hosted by Cigna and runDisney. Follow the hashtag #CignaRunTogetherChat on June 22 at 8 p.m. ET to join the live conversation with Jeff Galloway, official training consultant for runDisney, and Cigna health experts. Stay tuned for our next Cigna guest blog in this series coming in July.

Cigna® is the presenting sponsor of Walt Disney World® Marathon Weekend and Disneyland® Half Marathon Weekend.

This content is for educational purposes only and does not provide medical advice. Speak to your doctor if you have health concerns and prior to starting a new diet or exercise program.