2015 Disney Princess Half Marathon

The 411 on runDisney Corrals

We know runners choose runDisney events for many reasons, but one of the most common is they are great for both running enthusiasts and first timers alike. If you've never participated in a big race weekend event, like some of our charity runners, there may be a lot of questions swirling around in your head including, "What is this corral thing all about?" If that question is on your mind, you are not alone! We've received several questions about corrals and placement from our Children's Miracle Network Hospitals charity runners, so we sat down with the runDisney team to get the scoop on how it works.

Q. Let's start with the basics. What is a corral?

A. A corral is a group of runners that are classified by their estimated finish time.

Q. Why are corrals helpful?

A. Grouping runners by estimated finish time allows each runner to be surrounded by other runners who will keep the same pace. Corrals also help the condition of the course by spreading out runners so that there is less crowding, leading to a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Q. How are corrals assigned?

A. Corrals are assigned by the estimated finish time the runner submits when he or she registers. Proof of time must be provided from a certified race that is a 10K or longer. Proof of time is not required for runDisney 5K and 10K races. If no proof of time is available, runners will be placed in one of the last corrals. The number of corrals is determined by the number of participants in the race.

Q. How will runners know which corral they are in?

A. Corral assignments are posted to the runDisney website approximately one month before each race weekend. Runners can look up their corral assignment using their bib number. Runner walk-out to corrals begins approximately 1.5 hours before race start for races that are 13.1 miles or longer. In order to find your corral, simply follow event signage or ask any Cast Member or volunteer for assistance.

If you are running during the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend, you can find your corral assignment HERE.

If you need assistance with determining your bib number for Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend, you can find it on your waiver which is available HERE.

Q. What if a friend, spouse, or child is assigned to a different corral but they want to run together?

A. In a place where every mile is magic, we know our runners may want to share their experience with someone. Runners can move backward in corral assignments to join a friend, child, or spouse, but they cannot move forward. For example, if you are assigned to corral G, and your friend is assigned to corral K, you can move back to K, but your friend is not able to move forward to corral G. You do not need to notify runDisney if you choose to move back in corrals. Simply follow event signage to the corral of your choice, keeping in mind that you cannot move to a corral ahead of your pre-assigned corral.

Please note that no corral changes will be made at the runDisney Health & Fitness Expo.

Q. Do the corrals all start at once or is the start staggered?

A. Corral start times are staggered and the time between each corral varies based on the number of runners. This staggered start allows for more space on the course and gives each runner a better opportunity to set a personal record, or check out the amazing sites (and special surprises!) along the course!

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals is the presenting sponsor and celebratory charity of Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend.