Runners listen to music during their runDisney race at Walt Disney World

Spotify Running Playlists for Your Summer Training

Turn your training up a notch this summer with one of our running playlists on Spotify. We teamed up with our friends at Walt Disney Records to create customized playlists for runDisney races. Find your favorite playlist to give you that extra step of motivation in your next race!

runDisney Virtual Running Shorts playlist on Spotify

Our newest playlist for the Virtual Running Shorts Series features some fun summer beats to get you through those dog days of summer training. From Olaf's "In Summer" to favorite tunes from "Moana," there is a wide variety of songs to get you pumped up during your runs.

Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend playlist on Spotify

Simply visit to sign in or sign up for an account then you can unleash our running playlists under the Walt Disney Records profile. Continue to check back as we will be updating our playlists for every event each year.

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