Cole Horton

Running Costumes From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

There are more than 17,000 characters in the Star WarsTM universe: From gallant heroes to vile villains, the galaxy is full of weird and wonderful beings to inspire your next running costume! As a Star Wars writer and new runner getting ready for the Star WarsTM Half Marathon Weekend, I've put a lot of thought into my own gear. Here are just some of my own crazy ideas.

Jabba the Hutt

The galaxy's best-known gangster, Jabba the Hutt is perhaps the Star Wars character least likely to run a half marathon. As unique as this costume might be, wearing a giant slug outfit is just too hot to run a race. That tail dragging the ground isn't allowed either.


If you are like me, you were absolutely blown away by the teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. My favorite new character is BB-8, the small ball of a droid. While we don't know much about this little droid, I do know that my crazy costume idea is just too bulky to work at a runDisney race. Like all of us anticipating the next film, this costume will just have to wait.

Boba Fett

A quiet, mysterious bounty hunter, this Boba Fett costume might actually work. Rather than a helmet that covers my face (not allowed for the race), I envisioned a Boba-inspired headband. Complete with kneepads, arm sleeves, and a cape, I just don't have the time to complete this costume.


As a new runner, I'm going to keep my inaugural outfit simple. My favorite character, the little astromech droid known as R2-D2, inspires my costume. His robot counterpart C-3PO once called him an "overweight glob of grease"—a fitting description for me at the beginning of this journey. But like R2, I've equipped myself with the best tools and resources to complete my first runDisney 5K and 10K. Look for me at all of the events, where I will be covering the action for

As you put the finishing touches on your own costume, be sure to review the official costume guidelines. Also, don't forget to give your outfit at least one test run to make sure it will go the distance as you race.

Cole Horton is a historian and blogger for, Marvel, and more. Find him on Twitter @ColeHorton.

Costume concept sketches by Jennifer Horton.