Tara Gidus

Refueling After a Morning Run

Long runs can be taxing on your body so it is essential to consume the right nutrients to maximize the recovery process. Today, we'll take a look at how to restore what you've used during those long training runs.

Areas of Focus

  • Replace Fluids: Proper hydration after a long run is crucial to replace fluids lost through sweating and breathing.
  • Carbs Within 15-30 Minutes: While running, your body burns glycogen (stored carbs) for energy. Replenish those stores lost during the workout to prevent sluggish mental and physical fatigue and improve performance for your next workout.
  • Protein Within 15-30 Minutes: Incorporating protein will assist in repairing muscle damage and rebuilding new muscle fibers for greater strength.

The Power of Grapes

After my morning runs, I try to focus on meals that are quick and easy to make that will satisfy my body’s demands. I love making dishes that incorporate grapes because they are not only delicious, but are loaded with antioxidants and polyphenols that can promote overall health and reduce muscle soreness. The natural sugars in grapes make for a carbohydrate rich fruit which can assist in replacing glycogen. Grapes can also help to improve blood flow and are a great source of potassium, an electrolyte lost in sweat during long runs, helping you re-energize and aiding the recovery process.

As an Ambassador for the California Table Grapes Commission, I have been thinking of different ways to reap the benefits of grapes in every day meals. I recently made Maple Quinoa with Red Grapes. Using quinoa is a great alternative to oatmeal and along with grapes, provides the necessary carbohydrates and protein the body craves after an intense run. Join me later this week for the recipe, just in time for your long weekend run!

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Known as the "Diet Diva," Tara Gidus is a nationally acclaimed nutrition expert and the official nutritionist of runDisney.