Aurora and Ariel

Princesses runDisney: Aurora & Ariel

With hair of sunshine gold and lips that shame the red rose, princess Aurora a.k.a Sleeping Beauty is our third princess; followed by the princess of the Sea, Ariel, as the Little Mermaid. What was all started with Snow White, then Cinderella has come to the third chapter in our Princesses runDisney blog series.  

Princess Aurora is the beautiful, kind, and shy princess who slept for 100 years, but was then awoken by a kiss from her Prince. To build your Aurora running costume, everything starts with the pink ball gown. You can pair it with white shoulder sash and a crown for the finishing touch.

Ariel, the independent, sometimes rebellious princess mermaid just longs to belong to the human world. To perfect your Ariel running attire, you'll want to start with the purple seashell bikini top. Some sort of green shorts or running skirt can serve as the tail, and, for the ultimate Ariel, bright red hair is a must!

Here is a sampling of some of your costumes, featuring Aurora and Ariel!

Next up? Belle & Jasmine!