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Preparing to runDisney Like a Super Hero – Part 2

Hello runners! As Austin and I approach the halfway mark of our runDisney training plans, I thought I would stop by with a quick update. In my last blog post, I shared that we are both running the Doctor Strange 10K and I will also be doing the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon to complete the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge. Our main goal is to have fun and get lots of photos, but we also want to be properly trained so that we feel good enough after the race to spend the day playing in the Disneyland theme parks.

Mother and son running and training for runDisney races

Like I'm sure it is for many of you, fall is a busy time for our family. I only have two kids, but we have four sport schedules going on right now. Here are a few tips I've found that help keep our Super Hero training on track:

  • Schedule your runs – Every Sunday night, my husband and I look at the upcoming week's sports and school schedules. While we are dividing those duties up, I go ahead and pencil in our training runs.
  • Multitask – Austin and I often run on a path at the soccer complex while my older son practices. We would be sitting around waiting for him anyway, so this is a great use of that time.
  • Be prepared – I keep running shoes and clothes in my car so that if an opportunity arises for us to fit in a run, we are ready. I also throw my laptop in there when I leave the house, so I can work on team manager duties while sitting at practices. I have found this time to be very productive.
  • Customize your training schedule – Some weeks Austin has up to four soccer games. He runs a lot during them, so I often count a game as one of his midweek runs. I don't want him to get an injury from too much running.
  • Add miles for your own race – Since I am also training for two upcoming half marathons, I add my additional miles to the end of our long 10K training runs.
  • Be flexible – Again, Austin and I are not doing this to break any speed records. I don't want to dampen his enthusiasm and motivation for the race by forcing him to run when he just isn't feeling it. If he is too tired or the weather is too hot, we run the next day…no big deal!

With around eight weeks left until Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend, we are about to enter my favorite portion of runDisney "training." It's time to decide what running outfits we will wear, when we want to visit the theme parks and what new restaurants we are going to try. Next month, we will be looking at the planning portion of runDisney race weekends… stay tuned!

Lori is a member of the 2016 Disney Parks Moms Panel representing runDisney. She is here to answer your questions and help you plan your runcation.