Carl Savard


The story of Carl Savard, SUBWAY® Commit to Fit™ Ambassador in Canada

As we discussed in part 1, Carl Savard has now been training for the 2014 Walt Disney World® Marathon presented by Cigna® for a couple months. According to Carl, “Training for a marathon is something that definitely has its challenges but I’ve come to realize that it’s all about your mindset and perseverance. I keep trying to visualize the finish line on that big day.”  An integral part of what keeps Carl going with his training routine is the feeling of accomplishment he knows he will have when he completes this challenge.

As the weather is changing and the days are growing shorter, Carl has had to adjust his training schedule. Since the Walt Disney World Marathon’s start time is 5:30 a.m., he has adjusted his run times to much earlier than what he is typically used to. It’s important that you train your body at the same time as the race to ensure that it performs at its peak on the big day. With the last leg of Carl’s training happening in the cold Canadian fall and winter, he is most definitely looking forward to running the marathon in the Florida sun!

The story of Carl Savard, SUBWAY® Commit to  Fit™ Ambassador in Canada

Over the past few months, Carl has had the opportunity to partake in some great local runs across Canada. Nothing gets you pumped for a long run like sharing the experience with a great group of people-- which is why Carl can’t wait to run with all the runDisney runners in January!

On October 19th, Carl had a fantastic time when he made a trip out to Winnipeg to take part in a half marathon run. He wanted to get back in the mindset of running with a group. Next on his schedule was the SUBWAY® 10K at Legs for Literacy, in Moncton, New Brunswick on October 27th. Both of these runs were great milestones, paving the way to marathon weekend.

Although Carl faces new training challenges every day, he always keeps a positive attitude with his end goal in sight. We only have a few more months to go until Marathon weekend, and we can’t wait to see Carl and all of you at the finish line!

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