Infinity Gauntlet Challenge Medal Reveal

Are you gearing up to brave the ultimate Super Hero adventure – the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge during Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend? By completing the Captain America 10K plus the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon, runners will claim the coveted Infinity Gauntlet Challenge medal in addition to the half marathon and 10K medals.

Now, let's take a look at Earth's mightiest medal and test your Super Hero knowledge. The medal is comprised of the Infinity Stones, which are six incredibly powerful cosmic artifacts, each stone representing a different facet of existence. Possessing all six of the Infinity Stones grants the bearer virtual omniscience and omnipotence. One must successfully wield the stones to obtain complete control over its respective aspect.

Each stone represents a different power. Here's where we test your knowledge. Do you know what each stone represents? This year we are highlighting the Space Stone on the back of the medal. The Space Stone grants dominion over the very fabric of space, allowing for teleportation and the ability to exist in multiple places at once.

Due to their incredible power, the Infinity Stones are nearly impossible for any mere mortal to use without being overwhelmed. By embedding the stones in a special containment glove (on this medal), their energies may be controlled, allowing anyone who wields this Infinity Gauntlet to dominate the entire universe. And you thought you were running just another race!

Good luck participants on your quest to obtain the Infinity Gauntlet.