Another Mother Runner

Five Running Mantras We Love

Words, whether spoken out loud or said only in your head, can have a powerful physical effect. That’s why a mantra—a word or phrase—is a smart tool to have in your running arsenal. Pulling out a mantra during a training run when your energy is flagging or during a race when your legs feel heavy can turn the situation around.

Here are five mantras we hope speak volumes to you: 

This single word says so much: It reminds you to believe in yourself and your ability; believe in your training; believe your legs can keep moving; and believe the finish line will (eventually!) come. It carried Sarah through about 11 miles of a particularly tough marathon.

Strong, solid.
The alliteration—and powerful words—create a nice rhythm and intention. [Footfall]: strong. [Footfall]: solid. It’s a muscular thing and a mental thing, and it works for all speeds. Stay strong, stay solid, stay in this run or race.

I am here now.
So often, we runners worry about a hill at mile 7 when we’re in the middle of the second mile of a race. Or what we’ll feel like at mile 12 of a half-marathon, when we’re not even halfway through the course yet. Those hills, that mile 12 will still be there when you get there, and spending energy worrying about it before you arrive is just wasted (valuable) effort. Remind yourself that You are here now, and soak up this mile instead of fretting about the ones to come.

Push, push, push!
This is the mantra for you if finishing in a certain time or doing your best possible effort is your goal. This simple phrase, repeated countless times, helps Sarah keep her foot on the proverbial gas, especially in the second half of a race.

Let it go.
Whether or not you’re dressed as Queen Elsa from “Frozen,” this grrrl-power anthem is mighty cool. These three words can remind you to release tension from your clenched shoulders, to stop holding on to negative thoughts, and to run your own race. And, in a pinch, you can sing this mantra, instead of just repeating it in your head!

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Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell are the authors of Another Mother Runner and official contributors to runDisney.