Leslie Kay

DisneyBound & runDisney Team Up to Bring You Costume Inspiration For Your Next Race

As a former “kid-who-sat-out-in-gym-class,” I used to care much more about the color of a baseball jersey than I did about hitting a home run (or even just...hitting the ball). Its safe to say running wasnt always my go-to activity, either. However, over the years, Ive grown to love the daily challenge running presents and the rewards a calculated diet gives you.

There are a few beliefs when it comes to running that I havent outgrown. For instance, your running outfit should be one that inspires you to stay active. The more confident you feel in your activewear, the more you will push yourself to achieve your goals. I also still like to believe in the childlike ideal that a brand new pair of sneakers (especially the ones that blink and light-up) will make you run faster. This may not actually be true, but we all remember thinking it to be so as kids – a brand new item added to your running ensemble might just be enough motivation to get you out of a rut.

DisneyBound is a fashion blog that I began a few years ago and was amazed to watch it quickly grow to become an online viral success around the globe even becoming a verb within the Disney community. DisneyBounding uses a Disney character as inspiration to create outfits using trend-worthy pieces in a look that mimics the wardrobe and style worn by the character. Next time you walk through the Disney Parks, keep an eye out for DisneyBounders – if you see a yellow dress, blue cardigan and red hair bow, you may just have a Snow White in front of you. The boy in the black shirt, red shorts and yellow shoes may just be channeling his inner Mickey Mouse.

I am very excited and honored to be teaming up with runDisney to help you channel your Disney Side while still remaining comfortable trying to achieve your fitness goals. Keep an eye out for fashion tips and outfit inspiration perfect for upcoming race weekends!

Leslie Kay of DisneyBound is here to help inspire your runDisney outfits! Tweet her at @LADisneyBound