Tara Gidus

8 Benefits of Dried Fruit for Runners

Does dried fruit contain too much sugar? Is it too dense and high calorie for a runner trying to lean up? You may be thinking that dried fruit isn’t nutritious enough to be a part a runner’s diet.  I want to share with you my top 8 reasons for runners to eat dried fruit!

The Why:

  • Quick Energy. Runners need quick digesting carbohydrates before a run to keep energy levels up. Eat a handful dried fruit 30 minutes to an hour before your run. This will top off your tank, giving you the right type of energy to avoid “hitting the wall.”
  • Versatile. You can mix and match them, and eat them so many different ways! Dried fruit can be a “game changer” to any recipe!
  • Portability. Mix dried fruit into a trail mix or make a chicken salad sandwich and take it to work for an easy, portable lunch! Or, simply toss a snack baggies of dried fruit in your purse or gym bag.
  • Convenient and Inexpensive. Dried fruit can be purchased in bulk for a great price. In fact, the USDA ranks raisins as the most economical dried fruit!
  • Nutrition Super Star. Often runners aren’t hungry after a workout. Eating a handful of raisins, dried tart cherries, apricots, or your favorite dried fruit can provide essential nutrients that your body needs after a run.
  • Fat and Cholesterol Free. Too much fat can cause an upset stomach while running. Dried fruit has zero fat, so they won’t give you cramps or make you feel lethargic.
  • Long Lasting. Dried fruit can be kept for much longer than fresh fruit, and they have zero preservatives!  
  • A natural sweet treat! Feel good about indulging in a sweet treat with raisins! Just 1/4 cup provides a whole serving of fruit, making its easy to add flavor and sweetness to any meal or snack.

Dried fruits make a great source of energy for runners!

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Known as the "Diet Diva," Tara Gidus is a nationally acclaimed nutrition expert and the official nutritionist of runDisney.