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Sports Enthusiast volunteers are passionate individuals who dedicate their time to support sporting events that benefit charitable organizations. The time given by these volunteers allows the execution of events which in turn provides exposure and fundraising opportunities for non-profit beneficiaries

The Sports Enthusiasts program gives community members a chance to be involved in their community, be a part of their favorite sporting events and support various charities while having a great time with friends and family. Sports Enthusiast may register to volunteer for a variety of roles that vary by event. Positions may be available for a wide array of skills and interest, ranging from registering athletes and distributing information, to providing course side refreshments at water and food stations.


As a Sports Enthusiast, you will receive one piece of apparel per event and one snack per shift.

Volunteer for any of the events included in the current Sports Enthusiast Calendar, and you will receive aWalt Disney World® Resort 1 Day (1 Theme Park) ticket for every sixteen (16) points completed.

Please note, the Walt Disney World® Marathon, Half Marathon, Disney's Princess Half Marathon, the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon, and the Children's Miracle Network Golf Classic are not included in this points program as appreciation items vary for these events.

Theme park tickets will be distributed by mail within thirty days upon completion of every sixteen points.

Team Leader Opportunities

Team Leaders volunteers are needed to oversee specific volunteer locations. Team Leaders are required to attend Team Leader Training and shadow three different areas before becoming a Sports Enthusiast team leader. Other expectations include commitment prior to and on event day, strong leadership skills, dependability, and availability. Team Leaders receive additional incentives due to the additional time commitment.

To become a team leader for a Walt Disney World® event, please call 407-938-3880 or email wdw.sports.enthusiast@disneysports.com.

To become a team leader for a Disneyland® event, please send an email to DLrunDisney.Volunteers@disneysports.com.

Group Opportunities

If you have ten or more people you can reserve a Sports Enthusiast location for your group. Group registration utilizes customized options and assures you will be assigned together at the same location and times. Groups will be assigned locations depending on availability.

For Walt Disney World® events, please call 407-938-3880 or email wdw.sports.enthusiast@disneysports.com for more information.

For Disneyland® events, please send an email to DLrunDisney.Volunteers@disneysports.com for more information.


What if I am unable to fulfill my volunteer commitment?
If you are unable to commit to an event that you registered for, please contact our Sports Enthusiast Information Line at 407-938-3880 or email us at wdw.sports.enthusiast@disneysports.com.
I'm not able to attend, can I send someone in my place?
No. We do appreciate advance notice if you are not able to attend so that we can plan accordingly.
I wasn't able to register, should I just show up?
No. Due to event planning considerations, we are typically not able to accommodate "walk up" volunteers.
Where do I check in for my volunteer shift?
The location for volunteer check-in varies by event. Please be sure to read your Confirmation Letter and Reminder Emails for details.
Is there training for Volunteers?
Training is typically done at the start of your shift. Some events do require training prior to the event. Details are provided as necessary.
What should I bring?
  • Completed Waiver
  • Photo Identification
  • Any special dietary needs (a snack is provided during your shift)
  • Appropriate weather gear (i.e. umbrella, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, etc…)
  • Positive Attitude and willingness to do whatever it takes to make the event a success for the participants, guests, and other volunteers
What should I NOT bring?
  • There are no accommodations to store personal items.
  • Family members under the eligible age to volunteer and/or who are not registered as a volunteer.
How do I obtain an Event Waiver?
Event Waivers are available on line at disneysportsenthusiast.com and on-site at each event. We ask that you bring your completed waiver with you to expedite the check-in process.
What should I wear?
We ask that you wear neutral color pants or shorts and comfortable shoes. You may also bring a hat or other weather-related items (i.e. sunscreen, sunglasses, rain jacket, etc…).

If working multiple days of an event, please wear the volunteer shirt you received for the event.
Where do I park?
The parking location for volunteers varies by event. Please be sure to read your Confirmation letter and reminder emails for details.
When should I arrive for my shift?
You are expected to arrive at the time specified on your confirmation letter. It is not necessary to arrive earlier than specified, as time has been allotted for you to complete the check-in process.
What should I expect when I arrive for my shift?
Signs should direct you to Volunteer Check-In where you will:
  • Present your completed waiver
  • Be checked in as present
  • Receive an event t-shirt and name tag
  • Typically receive a snack
  • Receive your assignment and briefing of your responsibilities
Will I be able to view my schedule online after I register?
Yes, if you registered with an Active.com account and have the link provided within the specific event email confirmation message.

Please keep in mind that there may be changes that will require us to adjust assignments as necessary. A confirmation will be sent to you approximately 30 days prior to your scheduled shift.
How do I know what shifts I am scheduled for?
You will receive confirmation information stating your confirmed shifts, which may differ from what you initially selected. Please keep in mind that there may be changes that will require us to adjust assignments as necessary.
I will be traveling from out of town and need accommodations. Do you offer any special discounts for volunteers?
Typically, Disney does not provide discounted accommodations for volunteers. We recommend you contact our Disney Reservation Center, 407- WDISNEY or 407-934-7639.
Are waiting lists maintained for events that are full?
Typically we do not maintain a wait list for events.
How do I know what I'll be doing at an event?
Role descriptions are available on our website. You will be given your role assignment when you check in for your shift.
How do I know that I am confirmed?
You will receive a confirmation letter prior to the event. You may call our Information Line to verify your registration. 407-938-3880
Tips for registering with Active.com?
When you register for an event there are 3 options that you can chose when on Active.com
  1. Log in using your MyActive account
  2. Create a MyActive account for future registration
  3. Receive an event t-shirt and name tag
  4. Typically receive a snack
  5. Log in Active.com as a guest and you will not need to create an account.

If you create an account on Active, the system will remember your information and can help expedite your registration process as well as being able to view previous registrations. If you register as a guest, you will NOT be able to view your events for which you have registered.
How can I check how many points I have accumulated from volunteering?
You may contact our Sports Enthusiast Information Line (407-938-3880) or send an email (wdw.sports.enthusiast@disneysports.com) and someone will contact you within 48 hours.
Does Disney provide transportation from the resorts to the volunteer check in locations?
No, volunteers are responsible to provide transportation to and from the event.
If it is raining the day of my volunteer shift, will the event still happen?
The events will continue rain or shine.
Do you offer childcare while I am volunteering?
No, we do not provide childcare when you are volunteering. We ask that you secure those arrangements prior to registering for the event.
How do I become a Team Leader?
The process for becoming qualified includes attending a training session followed by three shadow opportunities with current team leaders. If satisfactory evaluations of your shadow opportunities are received, you will be added to the list of qualified team leaders.
What is the minimum age to volunteer at an event?
The eligibility age is listed per event on our website. Please refer to each event for specific ages.
How many hours is a shift at each event?
The number of hours per shift varies per event. Shift times are specified when registering for an event.
What is the difference between a team leader and a group liaison?
A Group Liaison is a person who organizes and gathers a group for a specific event. A Team Leader is a person who is trained to act as an extension of the Volunteer Services and Community Outreach Team and shows strong leadership skills and be able to manage 10- 75 volunteers.
How can Sports Enthusiast receive points?
Sports Enthusiasts can receive points by volunteering for and completing a scheduled shift at an event listed on the official Sports Enthusiast calendar.
How many points will Sports Enthusiast receive?
Sports Enthusiasts will receive one (1) point for each hour completed of a scheduled shift at an event listed on the official Sports Enthusiast calendar.
When will Sports Enthusiast receive a Walt Disney World® One Day One Park theme park ticket?
Tickets will be distributed by mail within 30 days upon completion of the event at which sixteen (16) points have been accrued.
What if the scheduled shift ends early?
Sports Enthusiast will receive credit for the duration of the scheduled shift.
What if the scheduled shift takes longer?
If a Sports Enthusiast agrees to stay, he or she will receive credit until their task ends.
What if a Sports Enthusiast arrives early for his or her shift?
Entry fees are non-refundable.
If I am injured, pregnant or no longer able to attend the event, can I get a refund?
Sports Enthusiast will receive credit beginning at the scheduled time of his or her shift.
What if the Sports Enthusiast leaves early from a shift?
Sports Enthusiasts will receive credit only up to the time he or she leaves.
What if the Sports Enthusiast works multiple shifts at the same event or on the same day?
Sports Enthusiast will receive one point for each one hour they complete. Sports Enthusiast will not receive more than one point per hour completed.
What if the shift times overlap?
Sports Enthusiast will not receive more than one point per hour completed.
What if different lengths of shifts are offered?
It is the discretion of the Sports Enthusiast to determine the shift for which he or she wants to volunteer.
What if Sports Enthusiast works as a Team Leader?
Currently, the appreciation calculation system will not change for Team Leaders.
What if a Sports Enthusiast has points left over at the end of the Sports Enthusiast calendar?
They will expire and no longer accrue or be redeemable.
How many people do I need to qualify as a Sports Enthusiast group?
15 is the minimum to be considered a group. Certain events may require groups to be larger than 15 people.
What are the benefits of registering as a Sports Enthusiast group?
As a group, you can receive advance notice of upcoming events with the opportunity to reserve a prime spot for your group members. Once a spot is reserved for your group, a customized online registration process will assure your members are registered to work together at the same location and time. For certain events, groups are also given the opportunity to have one person submit waivers and pick up credentials for the entire group.
How do I register a new group to participate as a Sports Enthusiast group?
Upon request, we will supply a Group Data Form for you to complete and return as directed to register your group. You will begin to receive future notices of volunteer opportunities for your group members. You may also visit our web site at www.disneysportsenthusiasts.com to view a list of events on the Sports Enthusiast Calendar for which volunteers are currently being recruited.
How do I register my group for specific events?
Certain events warrant scheduling groups. For such events, we will send a notice to the Group Liaisons requesting information if you are interested in participating in that event. Once a spot is reserved for your group, a customized online registration process will assure your members are registered to work together at the same location and time.

You are always welcome to inquire about other events as well if your group is interested in volunteering for an event for which we did not send a notice.
How do I notify my group members to register?
Once the custom online registration process is prepared, you will receive an email with information about your shift and the registration link. This message will also include information you can forward to your group members notifying them of the registration process.
What if my group can register more people than are needed at one particular position?
Each of the positions at any given event has a finite number of volunteers that are required to effectively complete the required tasks. If you have more people in your group than may be needed at a particular position, your group may be divided into multiple positions.
Why was our group assigned less shifts than were requested?
If you were advised that your custom registration link will accept a lesser amount of volunteers than you had requested, it may be because the number you requested is not available, or it may be because your group has not shown a history of being able to fulfill a given number of shifts.
Can I find out who from my group has registered?
Periodic reports showing the people registered from your group will be sent to the Group Liaisons throughout the registration time frame. You may request additional information at any time via email or our information line.
What if my group has filled the expected number of volunteers and more people want to register?
Depending on the situation, some additional positions may be available. Contact the volunteer coordinator to see if additional positions may be added to the group. If no additional positions can be added, individuals may register for other positions if available.
What if my group has not filled the expected number of volunteers by the deadline?
Upon reaching the registration deadline, your registration will be reviewed. If your group has not filled the needed number of volunteers, additional volunteers may be added from an existing waitlist. Groups will not be able to add or replace volunteers once the deadline has been reached.
What if my group has last minute cancellations or a high rate of volunteers not showing?
We request that you always notify us of any cancellations at any time. Groups will not be able to add or replace volunteers once the deadline has been reached.

Your show rate will be monitored throughout the year. Groups who do not meet a minimum 80% show rate on a regular basis will be removed from our groups database and will not be afforded the benefits of registering as a group.
What if I am no longer the group liaison?
Please notify us of any changes to your group liaison or contact information by sending an email to wdw.sports.enthusiast@disneysports.com. If information is not updated, your group may miss important information regarding upcoming opportunities.