Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend

November 12-November 15, 2015 -  Disneyland® Resort, California

Registration for the 2015 Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend will open April 7, 2015! Sign up for an email reminder today!


  • Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon
  • Avengers Super Heroes 5K
  • runDisney Kids Races
  • ChEAR Squad
  • Commemorative Items

Events may sellout before percentages can be updated.

Registration Policy

  • Entry fees for the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend events, commemorative items, and any other event weekend related purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • All races are non-transferable from participant to participant.
  • All races are subject to capacity limits and may close at any time.
  • Disney reserves the right to refuse the entry into, and/or revoke any registration for, any race for any reason in its sole discretion with refund of any applicable registration fees being the sole remedy of any such refusal and/or revocation.
  • Race entries/bibs are not transferrable from one person/participant to another person/participant. Sale, trade and/or transfer of race entry/bib number is strictly prohibited and may result in the disqualification of and/or banning offenders from participating at future events. Anyone caught attempting to sell or transfer their race entry/bib to another person/participant, pick up another person's/participant's race entry/bib, or participate in a race using another participant's race entry/bib, will have said race entry/bib cancelled and/or revoked, be disqualified, and be removed from the race without refund.
  • Dates, times and prices subject to change.


  • Participants for the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon must be 14 years of age or older.
  • Participants for the Avengers Super Heroes 5K must be 5 years of age or older.
  • runDisney Kids Race distances are determined by age group for kids 8 and under.

Proof of Time

If you believe you will finish the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon in less than 3:15 hours, proof of time is required for start corral placement. Proof of time is not required for the 5K race. Please reference the Pacing Requirements below for finish times and associated pacing per mile.

  • Proof of time must be provided from a race 10K or longer and must be from a race after November 1, 2013.
  • A valid proof of time provided at the time of registration must include the following*:
    • Name of Race
    • Year
    • Distance
    • Time finished
    • City
    • State
    • Date

*For example, 2013 Walt Disney World® Marathon - 3:35 OR 2013 Disneyland® Half Marathon - 2:25

  • If you do not have a proof of time to submit, list "N/A" at the point of registration.
  • If proof of time is not provided by August 4, 2015, data provided is incomplete or cannot be verified, you will be placed in the last start corral.
  • No corral changes will be made after August 4,2015.
  • As a reminder, you will no longer be able to bring proof of your estimated finish time to the Runner Relations booth during the Expo and have your start corral placement changed.
  • For questions on corral placement and proof of time, please email

Pacing Requirements

  • 16 minute per mile pace for all athletes in the Half Marathon and 5K.
  • Runners unable to maintain the pace may be picked up at any point along the course and transported to the finish line.
  • A training pace of 15-minute per mile pace is recommended.
  • Pace Cyclists will be on the course indicating when runners are behind pace by waving light wands at each mile markers according to the official pace time. If you reach a mile marker with a light wand waving, please note you are behind the required 16-minute per mile pace and can be picked up at any time and transported to the course pick up tent.

To help you calculate your anticipated finish time, please use the following Race Pacing Chart:

Race Pacing Chart
Half Marathon

Official Race Photos

  • Photographers on the course and at the finish line will take your photo.
  • Smile and make sure your number is showing!
  • Race photos will be posted approximately one week after event.

Commemorative Items

Remember your achievements during the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend with commemorative items that will remind you of all the Disney magic for years to come.

As a race participant, you'll get the chance to purchase Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend Commemorative Pins, Necklaces, and Mickey Ears*! These commemorative items are the perfect way for you and your family to remember the magic of your Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend.

  • Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Pin
  • Avengers Super Heroes 5K Pin
  • Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Necklace
  • runDisney Kids Races Ears

Official Licensees

  • Lasting Commemoratives offers limited edition fine art prints and a family of personalized commemorative items based on original Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon artwork. View their full line of products and shop on-line now.
  • Fond Memories Graphics preserves the memory of your achievement forever with a personalized shadow box or certificate plaque engraved with your name and race time. Engrave your medal at the finish-line booth, race times will be available! Shop online now!

All event information is subject to change.

Charity Groups

runDisney Charity Groups Program

Make your run count! The runDisney Charity Groups Program provides a great opportunity to support a charitable organization while running at one of our runDisney events. If you would like to run for a cause at the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend, please contact one of the runDisney Charity Groups to learn more. Contact the organization of your choice directly to find out what criteria each of their participants must meet to be part of their group.

Please remember each organization has its own guidelines and stipulations. Please contact the organizations directly for more information. Groups will be posted as they become available.

Benefits of Booking with an Official Charity Group

  • Guaranteed race entry even if races sell out.
  • Specially-priced Disneyland® Resort Hotel rates.
  • Select discounts on other race weekend amenities.
  • Satisfaction of making a difference through fundraising and running for the organization of your choice.

**Subject to Change**

runDisney Travel Provider Program

Take part in the Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend events through one of our travel providers.

The runDisney Travel Provider Program provides runners traveling to our events special travel packages and superb customer service. Whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, these runDisney travel providers can help put together a travel package that is right for you!

Why book with a runDisney Travel provider?

There are many benefits to booking your Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend trip with one of the travel providers participating in the runDisney Travel Provider Program:

  • Personalized guest service and communication from our Participating Travel providers.
  • Guaranteed and specially-priced Runner Packages, even if races sell out.
  • Specially-priced Disneyland® Resort Hotel rates.
  • Specially-priced Disneyland® Resort Theme Park Tickets.
  • Ability to pay for your Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend vacation over time**.
  • Ease of mind – leave the travel planning to the experts so you can focus on your training!

*Every Travel Provider is different, so please be sure to contact them directly for specific payment options.

Subject to Change